Meet Vicki Borzi

Our financial counsellors are people like Vicki; skilled and understanding professionals who are passionate about providing you with a free, independent and confidential service.

Vicki was born in a small town called Hokitika on the West Coast of New Zealand's South Island, but has been in Australia since her early twenties. 

She now lives in Darwin and works full-time with Somerville Community Services as a financial counsellor. 

More about Vicki

About me

My name is Vicki. I was born on the west coast of New Zealand's South Island in a very small town called Hokitika, (Hoki) to the locals.

I moved to Australia in my early 20s, seeking work and a better life, and stayed, taking out my Australian citizenship not long after.

I lived and worked in Brisbane for a few years, taking six months off work to explore beautiful North Queensland, working as I needed to and camping on the beaches where I could. I ended up having a fabulous adventure and some close calls.

When I returned to Brisbane, I met the love of my life - we eventually moved to his home town in North Queensland, married and then moved to Darwin with a few other stops on the way. Darwin has been our home now for more than 20 years. We have two boys who are now adults moving on with their lives.

My passions are many things, I am passionate about my job and the industry I work in. I see a real need for the skills we offer and the changes we make to people’s lives for the better.

I am passionate about my family, and my husband and I are beginning to have a look at the rest of the world we live in, which is very exciting.

I swim at the local pool for exercise in my lunch breaks, which is also a passion of mine.

About my work

I work with Somerville Community Services in the suburb of Gray Palmerston, which is considered a satellite city of Darwin.

I work full time as a financial counsellor. Somerville gave me the opportunity to become a financial counsellor as I had been looking for a change in direction. I noticed a position advertised on their notice boards outside the main office.

I thoroughly enjoy the position and find that every day offers new challenges. I never know who is going to walk in the door or what their issues will be.

How I ended up in financial counselling

I am coming into my fourth year as a financial counsellor. I completed my Diploma of Financial Counselling with Somerville through TAFE SA. I have also completed units in Rural Financial Counselling through TAFE NSW and Financial Counselling for Problem Gamblers. I am about to undertake a Diploma in Counselling with Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors, which I am very much looking forward to.

I very much enjoy studying and feel the study I have recently undertaken has grown my skill base both personally and professionally.

What I enjoy about my work

Being able to impart skills. For example, I see a lot of clients of various ages and backgrounds who have never looked at a budget, let alone used one as a tool for making better financial decisions.

A young couple who were really struggling financially now share their new-found skills with their friends. This is what I love about what I do. They are so very proud of themselves and have worked hard, sticking with budget after budget, and bringing all their arrears up to date as well as paying down their credit cards.

My words of wisdom

I would say that life does not run smoothly for everybody and that we all have ups and downs financially; some things we can plan for, others just drop in our laps.