Meet Leasa Mayes

Our financial counsellors are people like Leasa; skilled and understanding professionals that are passionate about providing you with a free, independent and confidential service.

Originally from Young in NSW, Leasa now lives in Canberra. She's a financial counsellor and team leader.

More about Leasa

About me

Originally from Young, in NSW, I love to travel to new and interesting places. I live in Canberra with my partner and the neighbour’s cat.

About my work

I am the Team Leader at Care Inc Financial Counselling Service in Canberra ACT.

My background in the field

A psychologist by training, I started at Care about 17 years ago. I liked the combination of the technical and counselling...I must like it because I am still here!

What I enjoy about financial counselling

As a financial counsellor, you are constantly learning and being inspired by clients.

My advice

Don’t ignore your problems. Take some time to think about your situation and review what is important to you and your family.