Meet Brian Kerr

Our financial counsellors are people like Brian; skilled and understanding professionals who  are passionate about providing you with a free, independent and confidential service.

Brian has lived in Australia for more than 40 years, mostly in Melbourne.

Brian works at the Consumer Action Law Centre, providing telephone counselling for the National Debt Helpline  in Melbourne.

More about Brian

About me

I have worked in Melbourne communities for 40 years since moving to Australia, with a three-year stretch in the Northern Territory.

About my work

I spent many years as a counsellor with the Australian Federation of Aids Organisations and the Victorian Aids Council. In the Northern Territory I started the HIV/AIDS information hotline and worked in rural areas and with First Nations people. I have also provided LGBTI counselling for the Gay and Lesbian Switchboard, where for many years I trained the telephone counsellors. I have a total of 30 years experience in telephone counselling.

I am currently a senior financial counsellor for the National Debt Helpline telephone financial counselling service, based at the Consumer Action Law Centre in Melbourne. I have been a financial counsellor for seven years. 

How I became a financial counsellor and what I enjoy about my work

Before financial counselling I was delivering a social justice program to medical students, introducing them to the wider circumstances of their patients' lives and how the medical system may affect them. 
I was attracted to the practical nature of financial counselling. It involves relationships, but provides concrete advice to help people improve their circumstances. I obtained a job with the Consumer Action Law Centre and completed a Diploma of Financial Counselling. I enjoy helping people work towards a stable financial future and seeing the positive effect this has on many areas of their lives.

My best piece of advice

Before contacting a debt management company, call a financial counsellor first.